Producer and vinyl enthusiast Analog Burners provides a rock and soul backdrop for Starvin B on this 10 track ep. The songs feature several notes to self and serves as a mantra to keeping your head above troubled waters. Starvicide is the formula for the hip hop listener who refuses to be attached to the poor choices our genre has made. Jonathan One Take Erazo and Symbo Science both feature as guest producers on the ep. Dj Akil comes through strong on the scratches. As far as verses go Foul Monday, Juxx Diamonds, Mic Handz, Rim Da Villin, Royal Flush , Mr. At and Tre Eiht Special and Spent D’nero. These individuals combine of several camps in NYC’s underground rap scene and the contrast from previous Starvin projects is notable. Your support is appreciated and stay tuned. There is more to come.

Starvin B